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How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet | Sustainable Fashion |EcoBlog

How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet

Choosing sustainable clothing isn't just about being environmentally conscious; it's also a smart financial decision. By opting for garments made with eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save money in the long run. Let's explore how embracing sustainable fashion can contribute to a greener planet while keeping more green in your wallet.
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6 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Natural Cosmetic Enhancements | EcoBlog

6 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Natural Cosmetic Enhancements

There are times when you look in the mirror and think that no matter what products or routines you use, nothing is working as you desire. This is a common issue for many folks since many beauty products are designed to either reduce the likelihood of your skin issues becoming worse or can only provide relatively minor corrections. This is an issue if your skin has already suffered significant damage or you simply wish for a younger you to look back at you as you stare into the mirror. While cosmetic surgery isn't always the best answer, if you discuss your needs with your doctor, it can often smooth over some of the more serious wrinkles and make you feel much better about yourself than you otherwise might.
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eco-friendly beauty

8 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

As the beauty industry continues to grow, it is quickly becoming a major source of danger to the ecosystem - from harmful packaging to chemicals used in production. It is important, now more than ever, to make your little contributions to the sustainability movement.
If you want to join the ranks of eco-friendly beauty enthusiasts, we offer you eight ways to do so without compromising the quality of your beauty routine. Let’s get started!
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Sustainable Fashion Less News - Less CO2

Stylish and Sustainable: Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices for College Students

Sustainable fashion in a college setting goes beyond merely selecting eco-friendly clothing. It’s about making informed decisions that reflect a commitment to protecting the environment and promoting ethical consumption practices. By making such choices, students become active contributors to global sustainability initiatives, interweaving the principles of environmental protection into their academic experiences and daily lives.
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Sustainable Fashion

How to Lengthen the Lifespans of Your Favorite Clothing Pieces

Preserving your favorite clothes is an art that involves a combination of care, attention, and a few handy tricks. Make your clothes last longer with these tips and enjoy wearing them for many years or even decades.

It’s a good thing there are several sustainable ways that you can preserve your favorite clothes and extend their lifespans. Follow these sustainable tips to enjoy your favorite items for longer after you first buy them.
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Best Natural Deodorant

Finding the Best Natural Deodorant in the UK

  Deodorants work great, but there is one drawback. Most antiperspirants have harmful i...
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how to shop sustainably for clothes

Top 7 Careful Considerations When Shopping Sustainably for Clothes

  Many people are making the transition to sustainable clothing. Sustainability depends...
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shift to sustainable beauty routines

How To Make The Shift Towards Sustainable Beauty

Beauty has a different meaning for different people. However, when it comes to the basi...
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best natural deodorant featured image for blog post

5 Best Natural Deodorants For 2022 That Never Fail

Although finding the best natural deodorant is a process of trial and error, it’s worth...
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eco and sustainable dental products

How To Boss An Eco-Friendly Dental Routine

How to boss and eco fiendly dental routine with sustainable dental products. It’s been ...
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The Best Natural Shampoo's In 2022 - REVIEWED - The Friendly Turtle

The Best Natural Shampoo's In 2022 - REVIEWED

Looking to make the switch to a more eco-friendly shampoo for a more healthier head of ...
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How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body For Perfect, Glowing Skin? - The Friendly Turtle

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body For Perfect, Glowing Skin?

The question we hear a lot is how often should you exfoliate your body? And what is the...
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5 Stand Out Benefits Of All Natural Soap Bars - The Friendly Turtle

5 Stand Out Benefits Of All Natural Soap Bars

Today we're answering the question 'what are the benefits of all natural soap bars' sin...
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benefits of natura shampoo and conditioner bars

7 Amazing Benefits Of Switching To Natural Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

More shops than ever are now selling shampoo and conditioner bars and for good reason. ...
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sustainable clothing brands banner image

Top 10 Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands You Need In Your Life This Autumn

Top 10 sustainable clothing brands you need to be following - ethical clothing with a f...
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header image asking what is the best sunscreen

Everything You Need To Know About Your Suncream's & SPF

what is the best sunscreen, what is mineral sunscreen, and what is SPF? It’s getting to...
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what is fast fashion blog image

What Is Fast Fashion And How To Reduce It

What is fast fashion? What are the impacts of fast fashion on our environment? And help...
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eco friendly blog / eco bloggers title image

21 Eco Friendly Blogs You Should Be Following In 2022

*Updated August 2022* Our Favourite Eco Friendly Blogs & Eco Bloggers on the world ...
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body lotion

5 Benefits of Organic Body Lotion

  Organic skincare and cosmetic products are continuously on the rise as more people of...
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bamboo cutlery set

5 Benefits of Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

  Eating out at fast-food restaurants and buying take-out would usually mean that the o...
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