How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet

How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet | Sustainable Fashion |EcoBlog

It can be challenging to look for ways on how to save cash without having to compromise the latest trends in fashion. Unexpectedly, sustainable clothing can tick all the boxes, brands such as The Emperors Old Clothes are testament to this belief. In this article, I shall discuss how opting for clothing that is both ethical and environmentally friendly may end-up benefitting your pocket in the future.

Understanding Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion refers to selecting clothing that is eco-friendly and friendly to other people. It is all about purchasing quality items made of natural fabrics, respecting the rights of workers, and leaving the world of cheap products behind.

In contrast, fast fashion tends to disregard many of these factors. Consisting of cheap labour, poor materials and the use of harmful chemicals.

How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet | Sustainable Fashion |EcoBlog


Understanding sustainable fashion, therefore, creates a foundation for recognising its importance in our lives. It goes further beyond the mere fashion aspect; it encompasses humanity and the environment.

Every single clothing item we opt for is taking us forward towards a healthier environment and improved working conditions for the workers. Ethical clothes may be relatively more expensive than other forms of clothes but they are worth the investment.

They are economical in the long run given that they do not deteriorate as quickly as items from fast fashion clothing brands. It also helps to save money while minimising wastage, which in turn makes it possible for everyone to live sustainably.

Social impact of fast fashion

Fast fashion entails other negative consequences that may not be easily identified. It is affordable to purchase, but the cost it has on the environment and employees is high. The production of these clothes involves the use of a lot of water and chemicals which pollute the environment.

Employees are paid low wages and provided poor working conditions in order to maintain low costs. This means every cheap t-shirt comes at a high price to the other party.

When you buy fast fashion, you think you are paying less, but in fact, you end up spending a lot. Fabrics get worn out which causes one to purchase new clothes frequently. This is a repetitive cycle that is bad for your bank balance and the environment. 

Social impact of fast fashion | How Sustainable Clothing Saves Both the Planet and Your Wallet | Sustainable Fashion | EcoBlog

Ways to Afford a Sustainable Wardrobe and Save Money

  1. How to give a new life to clothes that you already own

    Simply look into your current closet and you will find so many outfit ideas that you have not tried before. It is good to note that complexity and differentiation doesn’t have to entail acquiring new clothes; simply rearranging those in one’s possession can lead to the development of new ensembles. Transform a dress into a trendy skirt or twine shirts to create a wholly new ethical look.

    Sustainable fashion basically entails making use of what is already available to an individual in a unique manner.

  2. Sell unwanted clothes

    The initiative to sell unwanted clothing is very wise for anyone interested in sustainable fashion at low cost. You can sell your gently worn clothes to online market places, eBay, second hand clothes stores and even the vintage stores.

    This helps to remove your owns clothes and at the same time give the new owner old clothes a new look. It is an environmentally friendly agenda, which helps the reduction of garments being thrown away and with it, helps in putting something back into your pocket.

    Since these options enable the resale of products, it promotes a circular fashion system. It is also important to mention that by participating in the shopping, you’re helping to abstain from unethical practices in the fashion industry and minimise the effects of climate change. Also, there would be some extra money to build a wardrobe of more long-lasting, eco-friendly, and superior quality clothing items that do not come with the turnaround speed of fast fashion.

  3. Buy from the best sustainable clothing brands at cheaper prices

    To locate cheaper and sustainable brands of clothing, it is a lot simpler that most people would imagine. These should be the brands that are interested in ethical clothing, intending to provide good quality apparels without the high price tag. They incorporate environmental-friendly material and quality products that support equity trade. A great example of all these values would be The Emperors Old Clothes.

    In this way, they contribute to the preservation of the environment because their products are affordable to their clients.

    Sustainable clothing really is something we should all be looking to incorporate into our wardrobes, it might be tempting to buy the latest trendy £10 t-shirt and a cheap pair of jeans from popular online clothing stores, but now more than ever might be the time to take a step back and really think about where your clothes have come from and who may have suffered along the way.

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