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Sustainable Habits To Adopt This New Year

As a new year rolls in it can be the perfect time for us to make new, positive habits. Instead of planning a new diet or fitness routine, however, why not make this year the most sustainable ever? In this article, we’ll look at sustainable habits that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine or decisions.
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5 DIY Activities for Environmental Education with Kids | EcoBlog | Friendly Turtle

5 DIY Activities for Environmental Education with Kids

Want to teach your kids about the importance of protecting our planet without them rolling their eyes? How about trying out these five DIY activities that'll make environmental education a breeze?

These activities are super fun, easy to follow, and will have your kids hooked in no time. So, grab your kiddos, grab some supplies, and let's get eco-curious!
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Best Documentaries About Sustainability | Ecoblog | Friendly Turtle

7 Must-See Documentaries About Sustainability

Want a healthier planet? It's in your hands! Dive into these inspiring documentaries for a reality check on our impact & practical tips for living sustainably. From minimalism to ocean heroes, discover how YOU can make a difference. Best Documentaries About Sustainability watch & act now!
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Eco-Friendly Wallpaper: Your Home's Must-Have Guide!

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper: Your Home's Must-Have Guide!

Delve into the surge of eco wallpaper in interior design as homeowners and designers champion sustainability. Uncover the shift towards eco-friendly wallpaper, aimed at fostering healthier living spaces. Gain insights into sustainable material selection techniques, driving minimal environmental impact and promoting a greener future.
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FIGHT FOR A BETTER TOMORROW | Sustainable Student Life | Eco Blog | Friendly Turtle

Unlocking Eco-Friendly Campus Living: 10 Powerful Strategies for Sustainable Student Life

Student years are the most exciting but, at the same time, quite stressful and full of various events and experiences. Besides studying routine, a lot of learners start working and thinking about their future goals. The student's community is one of the most active and progressive parts of our society that brings a lot of new and inspiring ideas to our everyday lives. As ecological problems are quite urgent nowadays, it's important to discover and bring this topic up more frequently. In addition, exactly the young generation of students can begin these eco-friendly activities by themselves and form a model for other people. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of implementing sustainable practices in student's lives and what are the most simple ways to conduct them.
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Eco-Friendly Business Cleaning | Sustainable Cleaning | Eco-Blog | Friendly Turtle|

Eco-Friendly Business Cleaning Practices: A Guide to Sustainable Solutions

Businesses today are increasingly focused on being environmentally friendly, striving to balance profitability with positive environmental impact. To align with this trend, companies are evaluating their practices to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize adverse effects on the environment. If you aim to make your business more environmentally conscious, consider read blog and implementing these practices for a cleaner and greener approach.
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Extend Electronic Device Life: The Eco-Friendly Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

Extend Electronic Device Life: The Eco-Friendly Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

Unlock substantial savings by avoiding the hefty expenses associated with replacing electronic devices. Our latest blog provides practical tips on extending the lifespan of your electronics, whether at home or in your business. Learn how to make the eco-friendly choice for a sustainable tomorrow and accumulate long-term benefits. In this post, we share efficacious recommendations to help you achieve this financial and environmental objective.
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Eco Friendly Box | Eco Friendly Products | Zero Waste Shop | Eco Friendly Shopping| Sustainable Shop | Friendly Turtle

Crafting an Eco-Friendly Identity: Choosing Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Your Brand

Want your product to stand out sustainably? Opt for eco-friendly custom rigid box packaging. It's the same as finding a perfect match in our world full of everyday stuff! Hard boxes are well-known for being strong, fancy, and able to make a brand look nice. Normally, they think these things are worth a lot or very good quality.

Even so, choosing the top-lasting box requires you to think very hard! These tips can help guide the way.

Picking the best custom hard box packaging for your brand needs you to think about many things.
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A Green Lifestyle and Your Home: How to Make Your Energy Consumption More Sustainable - The Friendly Turtle

A Green Lifestyle and Your Home: How to Make Your Energy Consumption More Sustainable

As care for the environment becomes an increasingly urgent measure, people around the world have begun to reconsider their lifestyle choices. Some of the main ways to lower one’s individual carbon footprint are connected to energy consumption habits. That is why homeowners across the globe have made changes to their homes, making them more sustainable and efficient. In this blog post, we talk you through how these sustainable energy sources operate and what they can add to your home to help you become more eco-friendly.
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5 Eco-Friendly Ways for Earth-Conscious Study Habits

5 Eco-Friendly Ways for Earth-Conscious Study Habits

In this day and age, when being eco-aware is more than just a trend, it's essential for students like us to tweak our study habits towards environmental sustainability.So, let’s dive into this guide, which aims to light up your path to a greener study routine without cutting corners on your educational prowess.
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Eco-Friendly Telephone Cable

Sustainable Tech: What is Eco-Friendly Telephone Cable?

It is interesting to see how far the telephone cables have come. They have basically laid down all the groundwork for the modern cables we have. From LAN Cables to Optical Fiber Cables, it is all thanks to telephone cables. And yes, even for the USB cables and so on. They all work on the same philosophy of data transfers and communication connectivity. But did you know that telephone cables have also contributed to the environment’s well-being? Let’s have a look.
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How to Convince Your University to Renewable Energy - The Friendly Turtle

How to Convince Your University to Renewable Energy

How about revolutionizing the university’s renewable sources? Well, not exactly revolutionizing, as there are a bunch of universities that have already switched to renewable energy sources. But if you’re studying in the one that hasn’t switched yet, you can promote switching to renewable energy. How do you do that? Follow the next tips.
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eco-friendly beauty

8 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

As the beauty industry continues to grow, it is quickly becoming a major source of danger to the ecosystem - from harmful packaging to chemicals used in production. It is important, now more than ever, to make your little contributions to the sustainability movement.
If you want to join the ranks of eco-friendly beauty enthusiasts, we offer you eight ways to do so without compromising the quality of your beauty routine. Let’s get started!
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Top DIY Ideas With Ethical Materials

From Drab to Fab: DIY Decor Using Ethically Sourced Materials

If you want to give your home a revamp but don’t want to spend plenty of money on it, DIY is an excellent idea. First of all, it’s cheap, which is perfect for students. Secondly, if you pick suitable materials, you can make your space more “green” and contribute to the environment. Besides, there are plenty of simple and ethical DIY ideas that you can implement without spending much time.
Let’s check out some of them!
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Sustainability Goals

Help Your Sustainability Goals With These Overlooked Tips

While the large swings in establishing a sustainable lifestyle are super-necessary, a few little changes can have a surprisingly effective impact on your sustainability. My favourite tips are the kind that provide you with small changes that can stack up, so this list has been compiled in that same spirit.
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Sustainable Winter: 10 Eco-Friendly Tips to Heat Your Home This Year - The Friendly Turtle

Sustainable Winter: 10 Eco-Friendly Tips to Heat Your Home This Year

Imagine a winter where you can enjoy the beauty of the season without having to worry about your carbon footprint. A winter where you can live sustainably and stylishly at the same time.

In this article, we will share 10 eco-friendly tips for heating your home this winter. These tips are easy to implement and will help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Summer Saving: 6 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption - The Friendly Turtle

Summer Saving: 6 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

While we appear to use less energy in the warm weather, there are still plenty of ways we can reduce our carbon footprints during these months to help us cut our bills and save water. We are sharing some of our favorite tips and ideas to help you keep your energy consumption low.

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5 Eco-Friendly Products to Use in 2023 for Students - The Friendly Turtle

5 Eco-Friendly Products to Use in 2023 for Students

Being Eco-friendly is much easier in modern days. There are plenty of fabulous products to switch to. Give the items on this list a chance to make a positive change.
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How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Student at University in 8 Easy Steps - The Friendly Turtle

How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Student at University in 8 Easy Steps

You do not need to change everything in one day to live an environmentally-cautious life. Take one step at a time, learn more about sustainability, and be mindful of your impact on the world.
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 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in the UK

Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in the UK

Tired of smelling like chemicals and bleach after cleaning the bathroom? Forget about w...
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