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Green Business Strategy: Maximizing Profit while Minimizing Environmental Impact - The Friendly Turtle

Green Business Strategy: Maximizing Profit while Minimizing Environmental Impact

  We’re living in an era where we can no longer ignore the damage done to our planet.  ...
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family looking at sustainable photos

Eco-Friendly Do's & Don'ts Of Displaying (And Preserving) Old Family Photos

  In today's environmentally conscious world, even the smallest decisions we make can h...
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promote sustainable businesses

4 Ways to Foster Sustainability in Your Business and Make a Difference

There's no doubt about it; running a business in 2023 is challenging. From building a s...
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how to make electronics eco friendly

How Can You Make Your Electronics More Eco-Friendly?

  We may not think of our electronic gadgets as being particularly guilt-free when it c...
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charcoal water filters

Top 5 Eco Friendly Reasons To Use a Water Filter at Home

  Water is a primary resource required for normal operations in a household. However, t...
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eco students on campus

Eco-Friendly Living on Campus: Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Do you want to be a part of the growing community that is taking individual action on c...
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public transport in busy city

Public Transport – is it the Future of Net Zero in the UK?

  Transport emissions have increased steadily since 1990, despite technological advance...
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climate change banner

How Science is Changing Global Warming

  Over time, the world's climate has been affected by natural and artificial factors, l...
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Embracing Sustainable Energy: Heat Pumps and How to Save the Planet - The Friendly Turtle

Embracing Sustainable Energy: Heat Pumps and How to Save the Planet

  As a part of an environmentally conscious community, we need to take responsibility f...
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eco school education

10 Benefits of Environmental Education in 2023

  Environmental education is fast becoming a common part of the modern-day educational ...
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embracing sustainable jewellery

Shine Bright like a Diamond: How to Embrace Sustainable Jewellery

  We all approach fashion and style in our own ways, which can make it harder for some ...
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sustainable cat parent with their cat

9 Ways to Be a Sustainable Cat Parent

Cats might be beloved members of the family and household, but their care can also have...
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reclaimed garden furniture against yellow wall

5 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture into Unique Garden Pieces

  Are you looking to spruce up your garden and make it more aesthetically pleasing? It’...
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sustainable home with solar panels

6 Reasons To Upgrade To A Green Home In 2023

Are you keen to embrace the green home bandwagon? With the increasing push for sustaina...
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student in smart classroom

Smart Classrooms: Revolutionising Eco-Friendly Learning with Innovative Technologies

  For many years, we strive toward revolutionizing the way we learn. The educational sy...
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family renovating home with eco friendly paint

6 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Home Without The Impact

Owning a home always requires new renovation projects. It doesn’t matter if you’d simpl...
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how to shop sustainably for clothes

Top 7 Careful Considerations When Shopping Sustainably for Clothes

  Many people are making the transition to sustainable clothing. Sustainability depends...
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upcycling eco friendly gifts

4 Simple and Stunning Ways to Reduce Waste by Upcycling Gifts

  Gift-giving is an important part of our culture, and yet it’s also a practice that ge...
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cute dog in garden

Top 6 Ways Pet Owners Can Reduce The Impact of their Cats and Dogs

For some of us, pets are a part of if not an extension of our families. They have their...
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Women painting with eco friendly paints

How To Make Your Daily Hobbies More Eco-Friendly

  Diving into a new hobby can be an exciting time. Still, our thirst for knowledge abou...
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