Things You Have Always Wanted to Know About Reusable Water Bottles

 the plastic water bottles in the ocean can also pose a threat to your health


Why should everyone switch to reusable water bottles in the UK? The reasons go beyond saving money. The more significant reason is to save the environment. You are probably aware that plastic bottles are bad for the planet. What you may not know is how much harm they are causing to the ecosystem.

The following are some of the shocking facts about plastic bottles that motivate individuals and organisations to push for reusable water bottles.

  • A million plastic bottles are bought every minute while around 60 million plastic bottles are thrown in landfills every single day.
  • Only 10% of plastic bottles end up in landfills while the other 90% are left unrecycled, with most of them ending up in the oceans, polluting the waters and endangering marine animals.
  • In the UK, about 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used every year.

Did you know that the plastic water bottles in the ocean can also pose a threat to your health? According to recent studies by scientists at the Ghent University in Belgium, people can potentially ingest 11,000 tiny pieces of ‘micro-plastics’ every year by eating seafood.

The good news is that with the continuous spread of awareness and conscious efforts of green organisations, manufacturing companies and people are now becoming more considerate with the planet earth and the impacts we have. For this reason, there are more plastic-free shops than ever in the UK. Consumers are also now more convinced of the benefits and importance of reusable water bottles in the UK.

The average person drinks 30 gallons of bottled water every year. If you choose to use reusable water bottles, you can reduce these statistics, reduce your own impacts and help save the environment. So, where can you buy good reusable water bottles? From zero-waste shops in the UK.

These shops manufacture durable water bottles made from high-quality materials such as food-grade steel o aluminium to ensure that they can use them for as long as possible. Some of their products are even made from recyclable materials like paper coffee cups. Aside from this, their water bottles are also easy to clean, making sure that you will get rid of those molecules that cling into the interiors. Plus, they look super cool and trendy too right?!


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