Protect Your Family's Health - 3 Things to Know About Plastic Free Cleaning Products

protect your family's health with plastic-free products

While we want to ensure that our health and that of our family members is good and in proper shape, we may be unaware that the cleaning products we use can cause health isses through the use of toxic ingredients. Excessive use of harsh chemicals in cleaning products has always been a cause of concern for users' health. If that was not bad enough, their products often come packaged in plastic bottles which, if not recycled correctly, can sit in landfill for decades, or worse, our oceans. Fortunately, now consumers have access to the zero waste and plastic-free cleaning products in the UK which contain far less of these harsh chemicals, are safer to use, and come completely plastic free.


No More Polluting Plastics

As we know, plastics can take over 500 years to break down, and this chemically and industrially manufactured material is the most common pollutant of our world. Fortunately, the new zero waste and plastic-free cleaning products are entirely free of plastic and are offered online by a plastic-free shop in the UK. Small, dissolvable cleaning sachets are one of the plastic-free cleaning products in the UK which are packaged plastic-free, instead choosing to use a plant-derived material that dissolves in water.


Comprehensive Range Of Plastic Free Cleaning Products

These cleaning sachets offers an entire cleaning solution for the whole house, and made in a highly ethical and environmentally friendly way, with a consideration to their users health. The antibacterial and antifungal cleaners include oven cleaners, glass and mirror cleaners, floor cleaners (with scents including sandalwood), bathroom surface cleaners, and kitchen surface cleaners. The cardboard box which customers receive all these different eco-friendly products is also 100% compostable and recyclable too.

Lastly, some plastic packaging cleaning brands use is not easily recyclable, as well as coming in at quite a high price. The use of these environmentally friendly sachets and Amber bottles ensures that your ethical and environment-friendly move is economical for you as well. The onus is on you to make the simple swap to plastic free cleaning for your home, for the future of our planet and generations to comes.


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