Bamboo Cutlery Set - Cost-Effective and Stylish Dinnerware Solutions for All Occasions

Bamboo cutlery set

Did you know that when you cut bamboo, it will still continue to grow? This ‘grass’ is indeed resilient and a highly renewable resource, which makes a bamboo cutlery set hughly environment-friendly and a great choice to help eliminate their plastic counterparts. So what is it that’s causing their growing popularity and what is it that makes them so popular?


One of the more sustainable, reusable cutlery sets

In the past, people have turned to plastic cutlery sets when going on a picnic or an outdoor adventure so they have fewer dishes to wash when they go back home. They are disposable and convenient to use. But this short-term convenience obviously causes long-term herm to the environment, a problem that can take hundreds of years to naturaly fix. Plastic takes approximately 500 years to decompose – shocking isn’t it?

Unlike plastic sets, bamboo-made cutlery sets break down quickly at the end of their life. When composted, they release nutrients back into the soil and even help other plants to grow thanks to the natural materials grown straight from nature. That's why they are one of the best eco-friendly products on the market today. Plus they also make a great gift for those ethical and eco-conscious friends and family members.


Stylish dinnerware solutions

Aside from saying no to single-use plastic utensils, owning a reusable cutlery set can help you achieve an aesthetically appealing table setting while picnicking or having a BBQ in the garden. With a range of colour options as well, they can become quite a talking point in the staff room canteen as well during lunch breaks!


Safe to use

Bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, they won't attract bacteria and won't easily rot. It can also handle high temperature. So, there's no problem if you are serving food straight from the pan or using your cutlery for cooking.

Reusable, safe, attractive, and eco-friendly, these are just some of the reasons why more and more people are switching to a bamboo cutlery set despite a little investment up front. If you are looking for a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to plastic cutleries, this is definitely the set you should be on the look out for.


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