Are Candles Vegan? Eco Friendly Candles Explained

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Not All Candles Are Created Equal

Maybe you were lighting a tealight candle to heat scented oil or putting some birthday candles on your cake, but then it hit you:

“Are candles vegan?” How do I know if my candles are vegan?”

“What about eco-friendly candles? Are they suitable for vegans too?”


Not eating meat and other animal products is a great start. But as you might know, veganism goes far beyond diet. And while it might be easy to identify some vegan products, that’s not always the case!

But don’t worry! In this article, we will mention some things you need to know before purchasing vegan soy wax candles that suit your vegan lifestyle!


Are Candles Vegan?

The short answer is: Sometimes.

In other words, some candles are vegan and others are not.

And that’s not all. In some cases, it’s difficult to determine whether some candles are vegan or not, so they fall into a grey area.

So, let’s mention what makes candles vegan and what doesn’t. You should avoid animal-derived ingredients, such as Stearic acid, tallow, or beeswax. Most of the time, conventional candle-makers use these non-vegan ingredients to provide opacity and harden the finished product.

Keep in mind that stearic acid can be derived from animals or plants. That said, if you can’t find this info on the packaging, you should stay away from this ingredient. It’s not worth the risk!


Are Paraffin Wax Candles Vegan?

As you probably already know, paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. So, it’s natural to think that paraffin wax candles are vegan, right?

Well, let’s say eco friendly candles are gaining popularity and this might be one of the reasons:

Candle-makers need to harden the paraffin wax with chemicals, like stearic acid. As stearic acid derived from animal fat is cheaper, they rarely use plant-based options. And to make things worse, the smoke of paraffin wax candles can cause allergic reactions and potentially damage your health!

So as a general rule, the best option is to prefer eco-friendly candles. 

eco friendly candles and wax


Does that Mean All Eco Friendly Candles are Vegan?

Well, that’s not necessarily true.

Although eco friendly candles are made from natural wax, some of them are made from beeswax. Since obtaining this ingredient can have negative effects on bees, eco friendly candles made from beeswax are not vegan friendly.


What’s the Best Vegan Candle for You and the Environment?

Even though there are many eco friendly candles to choose from, vegan soy wax candles stand out from the rest. Not sure why? Check what makes them so popular:


  • Soy wax candles are better for the environment because they’re made from a renewable resource: soybeans.
  • Soy wax candles are vegan, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, natural, and sustainable.
  • Unlike paraffin wax candles, vegan soy wax candles are non-toxic. As they don’t emit carcinogenic compounds, they’re much better for your health!
  • These eco-friendly candles produce less soot and last longer than regular candles!


Now that you know all this information, you will be able to answer your friends when they ask you: “Are candles vegan?” But more importantly, you can recommend them the best vegan and eco friendly candles to use!

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