A Guide to Sustainable Homeware

zero waste products


You've made the switch to zero waste products and realised how beneficial they are to you and the environment. You can take it further with sustainable homeware, which can help transform your home and make it plastic-free or at least reduce the presence of products that could potentially damage the environment and your health.

Unlike regular homeware, they are made of sustainable, natural, biodegradable, and recycled materials. Bringing them to your home can get you started on your journey to plastic-free living, with the guarantee of providing better value for your money. Moreover, they are kinder to the environment, as the materials can be recycled or degrade safely in landfills when they reach their end of life.


Kinds of products to get

If you browse a zero waste shop in the UK, you are likely to find a wide variety of products you can buy for your home. They include brushes and dustpans, bowls and baskets, reusable cups, tabletop accessories, and laundry goods. Here is an overview of some of them:


  • Dustpan and brush –A set is completely plastic-free and made of sustainable FSC beechwood, with a steel pan for the dustpan. The bristles of the brush are natural Tampico. Some manufacturers would plant a tree for every product they sell.


  • Baskets and bowls –These products are made of coconut shells, woven natural seagrass, or natural jute.


  • Tabletop accessories –Jute and seagrass coasters come in many different timeless colours to suit your interior design and personal taste.


  • Laundry –Switch to plastic-free clothes pegs made from high-quality beech wood and packaged in a sustainable cotton bag or biodegradable box.


  • Reusable cups –Plastic cups have no place in a sustainable home. Consider sustainable homeware like stainless steel cups for serving drinks.

Where to get these products

Find a reputable zero waste shop in the UK and explore the range of sustainable homeware that they carry. Make sure that the products come from reputable manufacturers of sustainable and eco-friendly goods.


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