3 Benefits of Jute Table Mats

jute table mats

Are you looking for an attractive and elegant addition to your table setting? Porcelain plates and shiny silverware are just part of an equation. Why not complete the look with a set of jute table mats.

Tablemats protect your table especially if you have messy eaters and children at home. Most placemats are made of synthetic materials like polyester, vinyl, and silicone; however, not many people know that they can be made out of biodegradable items like jute, wood, or cotton.

Jute table mats are an excellent alternative to their synthetic counterparts. Check out some of their benefits below:


Environmentally friendly

The striking difference between plastic versus jute table mats is their environmental impact. Everyone knows what plastic does to the ecosystem—it’s notorious for harming marine wildlife and causing landfills to overflow.

On the other hand, jute dining mats are exponentially much better for the environment. Jute is a vegetable fibre, which means it is biodegradable and sturdy. Traditionally, it’s used to manufacture curtains, baskets, and flour sacks, but a jute placemat is nothing out of the ordinary!


Hygienic and Safe

The Jute table mats produced by reliable manufacturers are completely handmade. They don’t undergo harsh chemical processes that could leave traces of harmful substances on the product. Each mat is made with care, ensuring that they are of high quality and safe to use.

As with any table mat, jute mats serve their purpose of preventing spills and food residues from staining your dining area.



Thanks to their all-natural properties, jute dining mats are incredibly affordable. On top of their low prices, jute mats are highly sustainable—which means you’ll be using them for a long time. For an affordable price, you can add a stylish and colourful vibe to your dining experience, impressing your guests, and preventing any unnecessary messes.



Written by Ricky of consciouslyinspired.com

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