Tropical Treasures: South American Avocado, Guava, Maracuya, Amazonian Pear

Tropical Treasures South American Avocado, Guava, Maracuya, Amazonian Pear | exotic fruits | EcoBlog | Zero Waste Shop | Friendly Turtle

With the global gastronomic exchange that we have today, people have an opportunity to try food from various parts of the world. Thus, South American food is gaining popularity yearly, making gourmets use exotic fruits for cooking different dishes. 

However, the main highlight of the cuisine is the fruits consumed daily by millions of people around the globe. You may not even think about it, but people tend to buy more South American fruits now without knowing where it comes from. For example, such fruit as avocado became popular today among the young and the old. Some people may even think that this large berry with a single seed inside grows in their country, confusing it with other fruits or vegetables that are more common for planting in their location.

Do you wish to know more about the South American fruits you eat daily to keep yourself healthy and fit? Here is the list of the most widespread plants that grow in such countries as Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, and others. Most of the ingredients you utilize for cooking at home might consist of tropical fruits that are now widely used globally. Thankfully, with the excellent food exchange in the world, we can add more tasty dishes and great recipes to our daily meals. 

Avocado - From Breakfast to Dinner

Do you know anyone who isn't familiar with this plant? Probably not, as more and more people prefer to add avocado to their meals. Even if you haven't tried it yet, you have at least seen it in your supermarket. Some people replace olives with avocado, as this splendid little fruit contains similar fatty acids that are so good for our health. No wonder those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle consume it daily, adding to various dishes and homemade meals. You may also be surprised that this little plant can make you feel full longer without making you want to have a little snack between meals. So, if you eat it daily, as many people do today, you can be sure it brings you only benefits and helps you maintain healthy digestion. 

Avocado - From Breakfast to Dinner | EcoBlog | Zero Waste Shop | Friendly Turtle


Guava - A Sweet Fusion of Health and Flavor

Guava has spread to other countries after people tried this product and noticed its particular benefit on health. Thus, eating guava can positively affect your body by lowering blood pressure and decreasing bad cholesterol. So, almost everybody is familiar today with this sweet fruit, which tastes like a strawberry and a pear. So, once you are stuck in the food store and don’t know what kind of guava to choose, you can try each type, as they may differ in sweetness a little.

Guava - A Sweet Fusion of Health and Flavor | EcoBlog | Zero Waste Shop | Friendly Turtle

Maracuya - Tropical Bliss

Maracuja is also known as yellow passion fruit. It can be hard to imagine even a day without this fabulous plant. At least the flavor of maracuja is so popular worldwide it can be added to any dish, from salads to cakes and icecreams. The most commonly used maracuja dish is a smoothie or juice that people buy on the way to work or school. Even kids can’t stay indifferent to this beautiful fruit that can be either sweet or sour, depending on the kind. It is so easy to eat with its crunchy, jelly-like flesh that is so refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Maracuya - Tropical Bliss | EcoBlog | Zero Waste Shop | Friendly Turtle

Amazonian Pear (Araza) - A Tropical Delight

Many people switched their local pears into Amazonian ones, as their pleasant aroma adds incredible taste to any dish you cook with it daily. In addition, Araza is a bright yellow when it’s ripe. So, you will never confuse it with any other fruit in the supermarket. However, the plant can differ in taste when preparing a meal. Thus, some people prefer to follow a particular instruction when utilizing this fruit in their cooking. 

As you already understand, it is hardly ever eaten raw, so you would better make it steamed or baked, mixing Araza with your favorite vegetables. You can also try to make the most delicious jam or marmalade with it to impress your friends at the party. What can be better than a healthy and sweet treat to boost your mood?

Amazonian Pear (Araza) - A Tropical Delight | Araza | Zero Waste Shop | Friendly Turtle


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