Student Health: 7 Common Challenges

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A student’s life is full of challenges and stress factors. However well you can manage all the obstacles, your health still takes the first hit. Taking care of your health while in college should be students' number one priority. Yet, it is rarely so in reality. Students have a lot on their plates. Hence, they may overlook health issues when focusing on grades and performances. Of course, it is a dangerous path to take. 

Moreover, students are vulnerable to a number of specific health issues. These are the disorders and health complications that are often registered among young people. To fight those disorders, you should first know what they are. So, here are seven common health issues faced by students.

1- Cold

Perhaps, a cold is the most common health issue among students of all ages. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and being around people at all times helps viruses to spread and infect people easily. Of course, students often don't notice the first cold symptoms. Being too busy and tired, they may confuse the first cold sign with a lack of night’s sleep. 

So don’t force yourself to work hard when you do not feel well. Sometimes, you should entrust some of your workloads to the professionals and have a rest. So go to paper writer or similar sites to find the help that you need. Being sick is a good enough excuse to have a proper rest. Though, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your grades for it. 

2- Food poisoning

Food poisoning is pretty common among students. Not storing food properly or eating at random places can lead to bad consequences for one’s stomach. Of course, food poisoning is not the most pleasant thing. Yet, they are easy to overcome. Just drink lots of water, take a rest, and have some chicken soup when you feel better.

3- Eating disorders

Poor diet and lack of cooking skills can lead to eating disorders. These health issues can show themselves differently. Though, they all affect how we feel after meals. Often, a change in diet, like adding more natural food and reducing highly processed foods, should already help the way you feel.

In addition, many young people are diagnosed with low self-esteem and other mental health issues that can affect one’s self-image. Hence, eating disorders can also come from bigger health issues. Overall, all eating disorders have to be addressed and taken care of at an early stage. Otherwise, they can lead to chronic health issues.

4- Stress

Stress is such a common state of mind among young people. However, it is still a mental disorder that has to be addressed and managed. Stress can lead to numerous mental and physical health complications like losing appetite, insomnia, ticks, unexplainable pains, etc. Overall, suffering from chronic stress is quite unpleasant, to say the least. 

Still, students’ lives are full of it. Exams, essays, and packed schedules make students feel stressed all the time. This is why, sometimes, you’d be better off writing to unemployed professors or similar services.

5- Depression

Unfortunately, mood disorders are rather widespread among young people these days. Depression is one of those disorders that takes time to notice and accept. However, it is too serious a condition to ignore. Many students are diagnosed with depression each year. Yet, the real number of depressed young people must be much higher than the official one. Not every depressed person asks for professional help. It’s a mistake. If one suspects depression, one should seek support and help from family and professionals. 

6- Addiction

Students may feel like alcohol, drugs, food, social media, etc., can be their only solution to relax. However, in reality, such choices can lead to addiction. 

Students who suffer from addiction may not notice their dependence at first. Often, it takes time and outside help to admit that you have a problem. Unfortunately, academic pressure and being far away from home can create a feeling of isolation and pressure. So, it’s important to show support and care to young people.

7- Sprains

Sprains are surprisingly common among students. The reasons can vary. Some students are professional athletes and get injured while training. Others get injured on stairs while walking and looking at their screens. Overall, no one is safe from some bad sprains. Of course, they may not necessarily be anything serious. Yet, being in a cast or unable for a few weeks can be quite challenging. It can even take a toll on one’s studies, as visiting classes can get difficult. Though, at least, sprains are not contagious.


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