25 Eco Friendly Products That Will Transform Your Life in 2022

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We've been around long enough to see a lot of eco friendly products break through and disappear again before we even know it. And then there are those selected few products which just work.

Be that a natural deodorant, a reusable coffee cup or lunchbox, delicious eco-friendly boxed fruit water, or just a plastic free cleaning product: sometimes we just stumble across something that we're like "wow, I wish I had this in my life years ago..."

So in this post we're going to explore exactly what eco friendly products are really tickling our fancy this year, and what we believe would be a savvy investment for anyone looking to expand their range of eco goodness throughout their own life and into 2022 and beyond.

Ready? Lets go...


1. Brushd Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads

Hitting up our number 1 spot of eco friendly products (and its going to be a tough one to beat), is the Brushd recyclable electric toothbrush heads. Not only are they one of our best selling products of 2021, but they're exactly that for a very good reason...

They are super affordable at £9.89 for a 4 pack, coming in significantly cheaper than the branded ones from Oral or Phillips. Plus these bad boys are fully recyclable and you simply post them back into the pre-paid envelope that comes in the pack to return them.

Doesnt get much easier.


2. Kind2 2in1 Shampoo Bar

Kind2 is one brand of haircare that have been piling on the industry award accolades this year. Their new 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar is quite possibly the best solid shampoo we have used to date (and we've used a lot...)

With a naturally derived surfactant from the fatty acids of coconut, this little bar of goodness works wonders in even the hardest of water areas. So if your water is anything like ours down in London, you can still expect super soft, shiny and everyday manageable hair thanks to Kind2's natural, eco friendly products range


3. Milly & Sissy Hand And Body Wash 'Make The Switch' Set

Another one of those eco friendly products we wished we had in our lives years ago. This complete zero waste set from Milly & Sissy comprises of two gorgeous reusable pump bottles and two hair and body wash refill sachets.

We use the glass pump bottle for the sink area filled with Milly & Sissy's zero waste hand wash, and the aluminium bottle lives in the shower and filled with the hair and body wash for super easy and convenient shower times. 


4. Zerolla natural deodorant

New to the scene, but by no means new to the natural and sustainable business, Zerolla is the spawn child of the CEO and Director of Georganics. Simply put, these guys know exactly what they are doing and how to deliver an exceptional product.

So its no surprise then that their new range of natural deodorant bars are probably the best we've tried yet. We particularly liked the rosemary one and the geranium one.

Honestly, this is the natural deodorant we have been using for the best part of this year, and are yet to have one of those 'off' days where you're worried you might be kicking up a bit of a stink!

Moving on to...


5. Zerolla Body Moisturiser

As above, Zerolla have nailed the solid moisturiser bars as well. Natural and organic ingredients that glide onto your damp skin like silk and keeps you soft and hydrated all day.

Whats not to love?


6. Little Lamb One Size Pocket Nappy

Little Lamb reusable nappies are just fantastic, and their one size pocket nappy is our favourite of the bunch. They are super easy to use with adjustable snap buttons so that you can cleverly change the size of the nappy to suit, so you only have to buy once and thats it.

An ovbious contender for best eco friendly products considering how much waste they can save from going to landfill every year. 

7. Green People Organic Hand Cream

Its already getting darker and colder, and if you're anything like me, my hands always need a little extra TLC in winter. Green Peoples organic hand cream with manuka, lemon and tea tree is a vegan friendly formula with intense moisture protection.

It's also naturally antibacterial so great for those colder months when the germs are out in full force!


8. Eve Of St Agnes Hydrating Facial Silk Moisturiser

Heard of Beauty Kubes before? Thought so. So Eve Of St Agnes are actually the parent company of Beauty Kubes, so clearly they know a thing of two about sustainable and natural formulas that work. Their hydrating face cream has an award-winning formula of natural and organic ingredients and is surprisingly affordable for such a lovely product at only £11.99. Don't forget to add it to your eco friendly prodcts list.


9. The Organic Company Organic Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag

Is there anything that The Organic Company produce that we don't love? No...

And their colourful range of organic cotton canvas lunch bags are no exception. They just look fab when you pull it up onto your desk for a quick working lunch don't they.


10. Black & Blum 1ltr Glass Carafe With Charcoal Water Filter Stick

Black & Blum make an incredibly attractive and functional 'on-the-go' range of eco friendly products that are great for a litterless lunch.

And we absolutely love their handblown 1ltr glass carafe which also comes with a single stick of binchotan charcoal which keeps your water purified naturally for up to 6 months. 

11. Black & Blum Charcoal Water Filter Sticks 4 Pack

And we just have to mention the 4 pack of the same binchotan charcoal water filter sticks as use in their glass carafe. Sold as a 4 pack for £26.50, you wouldnt be wrong for thinking this was expensive for a water filter.

But given that each stick purifies water for 6 months and theres 4 stick er box, this bumper pack of charcoal water filters keeps your tap water purified for a whole 2 years! Not bad value is you ask us.


12. FOSH Vital 2.0 Water Bottle

The new and improved FOSH Vital 2.0 looks better than the first range they rolled off the shelves back in 2018, and with all of the same super handy features like 12hrs/24hrs hot and cold, an extra wide mouth to drop ice cubes into, and a handy silicone sleeve that makes carrying tyour water bottle a breeze


13. A Slice Of Green 2 tier stainless steel lunch box

Our Buruni 2 tier stainless steel lunch box is still our best selling lunch box and one of our favourite eco friendly products for good reason. Its functional and provides a leak-resistant seal when locked. Plus if you look after it, it will quite literally last you a life time. No joke. 

14. Shower Blocks

Reletively new to the scene, Shower Blocks have entered with a bang! With bright colours and big, bold scents, shower blocks are fiding their way into so many of our customers showers thanks to their soap-like bars, only with extra big bubbles and a super creamy lather.


15. Moo & Yoo Miracle Shampoo

Simply put, if you're looking for salon-quality silky soft hair and curls, then this Moo & Yoo Miracle Milk is what you need in your life. Never before have I experienced hair so soft.


Golden Tip - You only need a tiny bit of shampoo, a little goes a loooong way, so you actually get a really long use out of one 250ml bottle.

Golden Tip 2 - Don't forget to pick up a reusable pump!


16. Green People Organic Facial Sun Cream SPF30

Packed full of anti-oxident rich plants such as rosemary and edelweiss, Green Peoples organic facial sun cream is a must for those hot sunny days in the UK, and even better chucked in a suitcase if you can get away for some winter sun!


17. Eco Living Plastic Free Washing Up Soap Bar

Time to ditch the Fairy washing up liquid! Theres a new kid in town. This solid eco friendly washing up soap bar is super easy to use - just rub a wet sponge of brush over it and give it a little squeeze and watch the lather foam up.

Whats more is one 230g block lasts an age as well! 

18. Ocean Saver Plastic Free Cleaning Refill Drop

Whats not to love about this little baby? Pick up an Ocean Saver concentrated cleaning refill drop, drop it in an existing spray bottle with 500ml of water in, give it a good shake, and you're good to go with a whole new cleaning 500ml of cleaning product!

Time to kiss goodbuye to transportig heavy and unnecessary liquids filled wth mostly water....its time to add our own water at home.


19. Amber Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle

If there was ever a fancy cleaning spray bottle, this is it. A reusable cleaning spray bottle is a must-have, and this one will be passed down to your grandkids if you look after it right.


20. Eco Living Wooden Dish Brush With Replaceable Brush Head

Exactly as it sounds - a wooden dish brush with a replaceable brush head so you dont have to replace the handle as well at the end of the brush's life. Easy.

Plus the brush head fibres are made from super sustainable agave cactus and is really tough! 

21. Eco Living Wooden Dustpan And Brush With Magnets

Finally, a 100% plastc free dustpan and brush set. Instead, its made entirely of responsibly sourced beechwood and comes wth handy magnets on both the dustpan and the brush that keeps the two parts connected when hanging up or not in use. Why hasnt anyone thought of that before...


22. Green Island Compostable Sponges 3pk

A super effective and 100% home compostable sponges for all of your home and kitchen cleaning. Gentle enough to naurally breakdown and biodegrade at the end of its life but alsp tough enough to scrub away dirt and grim from your pots and pans when you need to apply a little more elbow grease


23. Simple Living Co Laundry Detergent Strips

Laundry detergent strips arent necessarilly new, but these ones might just be the first ones that actually work.

Dont believe me? You can pick up a trial pick of 10 before comitting to the full sized pack of 30...beause we know you'll be back for the larger pack next time. 

tabletop mats


24. reSpiin Seagrass And Jute Tablemats & Coasters

Well reSpiins range of tablemats and coasters HAD to hit our list of favourite eco friendly products beause they are hands down our number one all time best selling product in our whole shop. Firstly, because they look beautiful, adding a splash of colour to any room. And secondly, because they are both incredibly sustainable and highly affordable! 


25. Eco Living Bicarbonate Of Soda, Citric Acid & Natural Bleach

Time to get creative. Did you know that with these 3 main ingredients, along with a little bit of white vinegar, you can litterally take care of pretty much any household cleaning around your home and kitchen. An obvious reason then why these hit our list of best eco friendly products.

Not to mention we also get to avoid all the harsh and nasty elements to conventional cleaning products

You can read up on all of our favourite DIY natural cleaing products recipes, but if you're already a bit of a dab hand at making your own natural cleaning solutions, you'll be super pleased to know you can now buy these super handy ingredients at an affordable price for 750g packs

Did We Miss Out Any Eco Friendly Products?

Then drop us a line in the comments below :)

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