The Best Plastic Free Deodorant - Which One to Choose?

plastic free deodorant

Leading plastic-free shops in the UK are serious about creating safer and eco-friendly alternatives to some of the most common items that people need every day. They have all sorts of products made from natural ingredients—from kitchen cleaning products, cooking utensils, skincare, to toiletries. They also have personal hygiene products, too.

Of the popular personal hygiene products, a super popular one today is the plastic-free deodorant. These natural deodorants can prevent body odours while being free of toxins and harsh drying agents. They are safer options for those with sensitive skin and who are prone to getting allergic reactions.

Due to the popularity of natural deodorants, many companies started selling their versions online. The problem is that many brands claim to be chemical-free and safe when they are not. How do you know which one to choose? Follow these tips.


Make sure they don't contain aluminium

Aluminium is the main ingredient of conventional antiperspirants as it is can effectively block sweat. While it doesn't sound bad, aluminium can compromise the body's natural detoxification process if one is constantly exposed to it. So when searching for real plastic-free deodorant, thoroughly check the label and make sure that it doesn't have aluminium. Take note that crystal stone deodorants still have alum, which means they are not completely aluminium-free.


Check the packaging material

It's not enough that the manufacturer avoids using plastics for packaging. A real natural deodorant is often packaged using biodegradable or fully recyclable materials.


Ask about the manufacturing process

The harm caused by conventional deodorants starts right from the manufacturing processes. Most products used to produce them are harvested, mined, and collected in ways that are harmful to the environment. Zero-waste shops in the UK see to it that their gentle and effective natural ingredients for plastic-free deodorants are sourced from ethical and responsible suppliers and are manufactured using eco-friendly practices.


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