Sustainability In The Home: 5 Steps To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

make your home more eco friendly

In recent years, living sustainably has become something that a lot of people strive for. People are beginning to understand the impact they are having on the planet and want to do their own bit for the environment. There are many ways to be more eco-friendly, in life in general, and around the home, and it is important to not put too much pressure on yourself to become completely sustainable.

Becoming sustainable will take time, so you need to give yourself the patience to adjust to the changes. If you are wanting to become more eco-friendly and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 steps that can make your home more eco friendly;


5 Steps To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is a phrase that, by now, most people have heard of. If you are wanting to be more sustainable in your home, then this is a phrase you should live by.

A lot of people assume that recycling is the main part, but actually reducing your initial waste and reusing the stuff you already have will go a long way in terms of sustainability. When you do your weekly food shop, make sure that you are cautious about the things you buy and that you aren’t over-indulging.

Overconsumption is a huge issue in society, so we need to be thinking of ways to change the amount we buy. This change in your life will take some time to get used to, so start off slow, and you will soon get into a routine.


Utilise Your Garden

Another good way to make your home more eco friendly and to live more sustainably is to utilise your garden. Having a garden is a privilege as it allows you to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Being able to grow your own fruit and vegetables means that not only will you save money, but you will also reduce the amount of waste you have. When you need an ingredient for a meal you are cooking, you can simply go outside and pick the exact amount you need.

It could be beneficial for you to build a greenhouse in your garden or have a sheltered spot in the garden where you can grow your produce. Use corrugated roofing sheets to create a nice bit of shelter for your veggies, as it will protect them from some of the harsher weather.

And always ensure you research which fruits and vegetables are in season, so you can plant the right ones.


Go Paperless

Going paperless in the home means you will not receive lots of letters and bank statements through your door.

If you have online banking, then there is no real need to have paper bank statements, as you can just check all your statements on your banking app. The same goes for your utility bills. Sign into your online energy account and change your settings so that you no longer receive paper copies of your bills.

This can save a lot of paper, and it means you won’t have to constantly go through the letters that come through your door.

Most businesses are trying to be more sustainable, so you will likely find that the switch to paperless is pretty straightforward. If you are struggling, however, just give them a call, and they can make the relevant changes for you. 


Consider Plant-Based Meals

If you are wanting to be more sustainable in your home, then cooking plant-based meals a few times a week could be a very positive change. It is known that the meat and dairy industry has a huge impact on the environment, so switching to plant-based options is a good way to go.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to turn vegan overnight, it could be something as simple as having a meat-free Monday. Veganism has gained a huge amount of popularity over the last several years, which means there are now loads of vegan recipes online or meat alternative options in the supermarket.

Veganism is slowly becoming more accessible, so it could be a good option for you in your home.


Buy Sustainable Cleaning Products

A major part of running a home is keeping up with the cleaning. Whether you live alone or you have a big family, you will likely go through cleaning products quickly, which means you will be producing a lot of plastic waste.

If this is the case within your home, then to make your home more eco friendly you should make the switch to natural, sustainable cleaning products instead.

Sustainable cleaning products are those that contain natural ingredients and usually, it means their packaging is recyclable or has been previously recycled. Because sustainability is a concern for a lot of businesses, you will likely find that it is quite easy to spot sustainable products in the supermarket.

Perhaps do some research beforehand, so you know exactly what you are looking for when you go shopping.


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