How to Convince Your University to Renewable Energy

How to Convince Your University to Renewable Energy - The Friendly Turtle

University takes just several years of your life. You may carry great or not so great memories of the time you spent there. But that doesn’t mean that much, as the most important thing that you’re going to take with you after graduation is your degree. So, all in all, the university works as a temporary shelter for you. Just like school, but as you spend far less time in the university than you do in school, you feel less connected to it.

Your university years are filled with certain struggles. The worst thing that can happen to you is realizing, all of a sudden, that you don’t want to pursue a degree in the discipline of your initial choice. You have to either keep on or switch to a different discipline, with a grim realization that you’ve wasted several years on something that you no longer want. But remaining confident about your prospective degree doesn’t take away other struggles that include:

  • Having a conflicting relationship with a professor
  • Struggling with a particular subject
  • Balancing your studying with your work
  • Having issues with your dissertation

Gladly everything is solvable. You can talk through problems that you have with your professor. And all three other points can be solved via different online academic helpers. You can always find a service that offers dissertation writers for hire to ease the process of writing your major writing work. And you get your degree, and that’s the end of the story. But do you leave anything after you for the university or the future generations of students?

How about revolutionizing the university’s renewable sources? Well, not exactly revolutionizing, as there are a bunch of universities that have already switched to renewable energy sources. But if you’re studying in the one that hasn’t switched yet, you can promote switching to renewable energy. How do you do that? Follow the next tips. 

Raise Awareness for the Health Advantages of Clean Energy

Not to discourage you, but you need to know that doing that can be quite demanding. The worst thing you can do when trying to attract attention to the health benefits of clean energy is to come across as another pretentious climate activist wannabe. Hence, you need to collect reliable data that will support what you’re trying to point out. Just like with an argumentative essay. 

So, you need to collect data. What kind of data? The best way is to show all the negative effects that non-renewable energy has on our health. And then show that all of that is avoidable when you stick to renewable energy. Gladly, it’s not that hard to find reliable sources of information on the issue. Everything from short-term to long-term negative impact of, say, fossil fuels. 

Spread Awareness About the Health Benefits of Renewable Energy


Talk Money

Replying to the journalist’s question about why “Parasite” resonated so much with people across the world,  Bong Joon-ho said, “…because we all live in the same country, it’s called capitalism”. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the detractors of capitalism or not, capitalism is still pretty much a thing. And if you want to attract attention to renewable energy, you need to point out the financial benefits. 

The reason why so many institutions, not only educational ones, are hesitant when it comes to switching to renewable sources, is the cost the transition may involve. You may not like the idea, but, yes, the transition is expensive. However, the institutions fail to understand that while the switch requires extra expenses, the maintenance of renewable energy is much lower.

So, you need to present your university with data regarding how much it spends on things like electricity and heating using non-renewable energy. And then show how much they’re going to save after switching to renewable sources. Aside from showing the financial benefits in the long run, you can search for entities that might be interested in financing the transition of your university to renewable energy sources. This can turn out to be the main point of your presentation. 

Organize Student Campaigns

What’s the best way to make your point stronger? Show that there are a lot of people who support it. Thus, you need to engage fellow students in supporting you. But here, you obviously run into the question: how to do that? Well, honestly, your university’s campus gives you all the resources that you may need for that. Unfortunately, most of the students fail to benefit from campus resources. But that’s a different story. 

So, the campus provides you with both resources to create the campaign and the audience. In our age of climate awareness, finding students who share your ideas is not that difficult at all. With them, you can form clubs or groups, where you can come up with various green projects. And there, you can organize student campaigns calling for the transition to renewable sources of energy. 

Gaining peers gives you even more benefits. Do you feel that you lack ideas on how to promote switching to renewable energy? Your peers can bombard you with great ideas on how to do that. Yes, the campaigns may distract you all from studying, but there’s always the next best essay writing service that can take care of your writing chores for you. Writing matters, but ecology matters too. 

Practice What You Preach

Last but not least, you need to practice what you preach. You would look ridiculous running around talking about switching to renewable energy if you don’t practice saving energy on your own. You just won’t sound reliable at all. But how to do that? It’s not that you can switch your dorm room to renewable energy. Yet, there are some things that you can still do. 

Opt for consuming less. Lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. This way, you will show that renewable energy sources promotion is not just a publicity stunt for you. And you may inspire other students to do the same. This way, you will be far more convincing for your university’s administration. 

Closing Remarks

As you can see, there are two ways to spend your university years. You can focus solely on yourself. Spend several years there, get your degree, and never recall that time again. Or, you can try and do something useful for the next generation of students. And it’s not for them. All in all, the more institutions switch to renewable energy sources the better. Not only the environment will benefit from it in the long run, but even the economy can get much healthier within a decade or two. 


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