Ethical Gift Guide for the Sustainable Shopper!

Ethical Gift Guide

What’s the best gift to give a loved one? While you can of course splurge on an expensive piece of jewellery or the new generation of game consoles, it’s also important about the impact of your gift on the planet. If you want to make the receiver happy while saving the Earth at the same time, ethical gifts are the way to go!


Here are a few ethical gifts to put in your shopping list:

  1. Reusable coffee cup

Does the recipient like to drink coffee on the go? Unfortunately, most coffee cups are disposable and these cups slowly occupy landfills and affect the environment.

A reusable coffee cup is the perfect gift for the coffee lover. These eco-friendly bottles are leak-proof and built to last. Plus, these cups are insulated, which means that the lucky recipient will never have to drink lukewarm coffee again.


  1. Plastic-free lip balm

Makeup products are always a joy to receive, whether it’s the trendiest eye shadow palette or a celebrity-endorsed lipstick shade. You can’t go wrong with an eco-friendly lip balm. These plastic-free cosmetics are made with organic ingredients such as jojoba oil and mango butter to provide a moisturising, nourishing, and healing layer on sensitive skin. You can even buy them in various scents, including orange or fresh mint.


  1. Environmental children’s book series

Kids are impressionable, and it’s important to teach them about taking good care of Mother Earth while they are still young. Books such as Hunter’s Icy Adventure and Duffy’s Lucky Escape are based on true stories that kids will love. And the best thing is, they’re illustrated! Even a young child won’t get bored reading about melting icecaps and marine life.

Purchase your ethical gifts from a trusted online store ahead of time so you can surprise your loved ones during a special occasion!



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