Eco-Friendly Ideas To Get You Through Lockdown 3.0

eco friendly ideas for lockdown

Eco-Friendly Ideas To Get You Through Lockdown 3.0

Lockdowns never get any easier, do they? And whilst we might know what to expect this time around, one thing is for sure - with each lockdown that comes and goes, so too does a wave of emotions. After the rush of the Christmas festivities, January at the best of times can be difficult but with lockdown 3.0 also accompanying our January blues, things may feel rather difficult.

Whilst getting through lockdown 3.0 coupled with the month of January might seem like an impossible task, there is light (literally) at the end of the tunnel now. Not only are we set to be ut of lockdown over the coming weeks, but aso with every day that passes, we will are gaining two additional minutes of sunlight in the mornings and evenings. So chin up…change is definitely on the horizon!

Here at Friendly Turtle, we have been reflecting on some of the things that have got us through lockdown 3.0 and some of the things that remain on our lockdown 3.0 bucket list and so we thought we would share them with you!

Write a post-lockdown Wishlist

Here at FT, whilst we haven’t been able to see the people we love and hug our nearest and dearest, we have however been able to take the time to get truly excited about what is to come. Rather than dwelling on the things we can’t do and the people we can't see, we have been turning our attention to all of the wonderful things that we will do when the world opens back up. Sunday dinner at nans; a walk in the park with our old school friends; a day trip to the coast with our mum; a cuppa tea and chin wag on our best friends sofa; whatever it is that we find ourselves yearning for we have been writing it down and keeping a post-lockdown wish list. 

eco friendly cleaning ideas


Okay, so whilst the countdown to Spring hasn’t quite begun there is nothing to say that you can’t move forward the annual spring clean. At friendly turtle we have been having a good old clear out – there has never been a better time to rethink our clutter and get rid. Want more eco friendly ideas? You can consciously declutter your wardrobe as well!

However, rather than chucking things in the bin or dumping them at the tip we have been refilling, reusing, recycling and giving things away! And don't forget to minimise the amount of plastic in your cleaning items


Turn your home into a 'green' paradise

Looking around your home, try and snatch a few more sustainable alternatives to green up your home that little bit more. Making 2021 our most sustainable year yet doesn't have to be hard, and this blog post from Redfin helps introduce you to a few simple tips and tricks to help make that happen. And what better time to implement a few of them than right now.


Learn something new

Why not spend the time you have shut away indoors to learn something new? Learn search engine optimisation and digital marketing, or maybe try your hand at blogging or how to set up your own little side business. Time spent on 'you', developing your own education and knowledge, is going to be time very well spent.


Grow your own veg

Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, lettuce, spring onions, and tomatoes...although far from exotic, they are nonetheless staple ingredients that are not only grown in the UK but can be grown from your very own home! No worries if you don’t have access to a garden – try using your window ledge where you can grow houseplants! In both instances, the only resources you need are seeds, soil, sunlight, and the magic of water… So go on, get growing…


Improve your posture

Whether you’re working from home, furloughed or out there in the wider world working as a key worker, one thing is for sure – the amount of time we spend sitting down, hunched over desks, or otherwise, isn’t doing our bodies any good. Sitting locked in one position for hours is the exact oppositive of what the human body had evolved to do and treating our bodies, joints and muscles to some TLC is exactly what lockdown ordered!

At FT we have been following the expert advice of Postural Alignment Therapist, Posture Ellie (@posture.ellie). She shares amazing, simple videos that we have been following at home with the aim of improving our posture. Ellie also has a YouTube channel too 

eco friendly ideas in the kitchen

Become a master in the kitchen (the easy way)

We discovered the power of slow cooking. Namely, the use of a slow cooker to whip up all of our most creative meals! Check out some of our favourites here.


Meditate with headspace or calm

We have used both apps over the years and think they’re both wonderful for all levels. Once you learn how to quiet your own thoughts and become more mindful, you’ll have much more control over your own over-thinking and worrying and be able to replace them with more realistic thoughts.


Get out in nature regularly

Wrap up warm and take a drive to your nearest park or forest and take a gentle stroll down the leafy paths and immerse yourself with gratification for everything beautiful surrounding you. Absorb and appreciate the sound of the birds, the smell of the crisp air and the sight of nature.


...And exercise at home when you can’t

Whether you're into Courtney Black or Joe Wicks, weight training, or the flowy power yoga we've grown to love over the years, be sure to keep your body moving, the blood pumping, and the heart ticking over for 20 minutes a day or more.

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