A New Environment Bill Is Planned And It Could Shape Our Oceans Future

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How We Can Change Our Oceans Conservation & Health With A Once-In-A-Generation New Law

This is the year. A new Environment Bill is planned, and it's a once-in-a-generation new law that offers a shimmering ray of hope for our oceans conservation, health and our climate.

The new Environment Bill could set strong and binding targets to help lift the health of our oceans. It could reduce plastic pollution, increase protected areas and help tackle climate change. And at a time when we need it most, we want to try and do everything that we can to help the movement and fight for what changes we want to see.

Getting out to our coasts is one of life's great pleasures- with the sun shining overhead and the gentle sound of crashing waves. So many of us grasp at the joy of visiting our beaches here in the UK. This tradition has been carried forward for generations, and we want to ensure the generations ahead of us can enjoy the same pleasures we had.

Luckily for us, we know someone prepared to do a lot of the fighting for us, at times when we can't...


Our Friends At Surfers Against Sewage

Our friends over at Surfers Against Sewage are campaigning for us once again. They believe with a big enough movement in the run up to this new bill we can ensure the politicians are considering the effects of their choices when making new laws and striking new deals. We just need to be there to remind them that there are a lot of us out here that are unhappy with the way things currently are, and we want to see more being done for our rivers health and ocean conservation.

In the midst of a historic change, we all need to rally together and ensure we have our voices heard. So many of us have strong emotions sorrowfully tied to the grim outlook of our oceans and climate. People have started to shop more consciously because of this. Consequently, we are beginning to shop more ethical and eco-conscious brands that are trying to create lasting positive change. All because we see, first hand, the effects years of negligence has had on our environment, and we want to make a stand and start making a difference.


Our Oceans Needs Your Help #GenerationSea

For those that have read our previous blogs, you will know we have some keen Scuba divers at TFTC. We want to gaze out from the coast knowing that the health of our oceans is thriving in the deep, and not being throttled by plastic pollution or climate change. The health of our coral reefs and the underwater ecosystems they inhabit are now in a fragile state. And us, for one, have no intention of standing by and missing the opportunity to create, what could be, such a positive impact by our lack of action when it's needed most.

There is a very good reason we made Surfers Against Sewage our Charity Of The Year. They are committed to campaigning for our ocean conservation; committed to clearing up tonnes of plastic from local beaches every year, and now they are committed to a new campaign...to have our voices heard for the new Environment Bill- and you can help by joining the movement at #GenerationSea.

So finally to our call for action- help us create this movement by signing up here. By signing up, you'll be able to help with a range of actions, including signing and sharing petitions, contacting your MP, collecting evidence from coastlines around you, and promoting the campaign on social media.

Share some of the funny mother nature memes out there to spread awareness.


Facts Of The Campaign

What are we calling for?

This year is set to be historic for many reasons. The Environment Bill will make the statutory changes needed to protect and support the environment and ocean conservation after the UK leaves Europe. We know that Generation Sea want strong action to be taken, so that the UK has an Environment Bill with real power to tackle the interests of big business and put in place a system that can tackle the problems at source.

What is the Environment Bill?

UK environmental principles and governance are currently covered by the European Union. Any action taken to protect the environment from destruction is done through the European Court of Justice. The Environment Bill, to be agreed in 2019, will make the statutory changes needed to protect and support the environment after the UK leaves Europe. It will be a new approach and enshrine in law environmental principles and governance in four key areas: air, wildlife, water and waste.

What do we want people to do?

Go to their website and join up to #GenerationSea. You’ll be able to help with a range of actions including signing and sharing petitions, contacting your MP, collecting evidence from shorelines and promoting the campaign on social media.

Click Here To Join #GenerationSea Today

Let's have our voices heard. Together, we are the voice of the ocean!


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