7 Simple Ways To Make Your Garden Sustainable

ways to make a sustainable garden


With environmental concerns at the forefront of everyone’s minds, more and more people are looking to make their lifestyles as eco-friendly as possible. In this regard, many homeowners are turning to their outside spaces to implement green practices in their gardens.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can make your garden much more eco-friendly. From planting native plants that require less maintenance to using recycled materials as planters, you can implement simple ideas that will have a big impact on the sustainability of your garden.

Here we’ve outlined some great tips for making your garden sustainable so you can spend time relaxing with friends and family instead of worrying about the future of our planet.


1. Choose Native Plants

One of the easiest ways to make your garden more sustainable is to choose native plants over non-native ones. Native plants are those that grow naturally without the need for human intervention. This means that native plants require less maintenance, as they are naturally designed to withstand the challenges of the climate.

If you’re not sure which plants are native to your area, there are plenty of online resources that will help you identify the best species to use. 


2. Make Your Own Compost

Compost is a great way to recycle and reuse old organic matter like vegetable scraps and garden clippings. It also makes an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

Traditionally, you would purchase compost from a garden shop, but you can actually make your own at home. Making your own compost will not only cut down on waste but will also save you money.

The most important thing to remember when making compost is to mix the materials you’re using thoroughly. This is crucial as it helps the compost to break down faster and ensures everything is evenly distributed.


3. Plant Trees

Trees are a great addition to any garden and are particularly useful for those looking to make their garden more sustainable. Not only will trees help to improve the quality of the air surrounding your property, but they can also be used to make your garden more water-efficient.

Depending on which species of tree you choose to grow in your garden, trees can also provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife.


4. Encourage Birds To Visit With Feeders

Birds are a wonderful addition to any garden and are great pollinators, so you’ll also be helping to create a healthy garden when you encourage birds to visit your garden.

You can attract birds to your garden by hanging feeders in your garden. This is a great thing to do in the winter months when there aren’t many insects around to eat. You can find many different types of feeders, including ball feeders, tray feeders, and seed feeders, that will fit in your garden space by visiting Little Peckers.


5. Add Homes For Wildlife

Another great way to make your garden more sustainable is to add homes for wildlife. This can be done in a variety of ways, including adding a water feature and a variety of plants or shrubs.

Additionally, you can also add box homes for a range of wildlife, such as hedgehog houses, bee hotels, and owl boxes. These additions to your garden will help to bring more wildlife into your garden and make it a healthier space for all types of creatures. 


6. Put In A Water Feature

Another great way to add a home for wildlife to your garden is to put in a water feature, like a pond or bird bath. Putting in a water feature will not only bring wildlife into your garden but will also add sound to your space. Having a water feature in your garden will also make it more attractive to potential buyers if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Having a water feature in your garden is a great way to make your garden more sustainable by bringing more wildlife into your garden and making your space sound more attractive. When putting in a water feature, make sure to add plants to your garden that are specifically meant for water gardens. This will help to make your garden become as wildlife friendly as possible.


7. Grow Your Own Food

If you have enough space in your garden, growing your own vegetables and fruits is a great way to reduce your eco-footprint. Not only will growing your own produce save you money, but it will also ensure that you know exactly what has gone into your food. There are many different types of fruit and vegetables you can choose to grow in your garden, so you can select something that is best suited to your climate and gardening skill level.


Wrapping Up

Overall, there are many simple ways you can make your garden more sustainable. From choosing native plants to growing your own food, there are lots of eco-friendly options available.

Making your garden eco-friendly can be a fun and exciting project, and the benefits your garden will receive will be well worth the effort. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making your garden more sustainable. You should instead use these tips as inspiration for how to improve your garden and make it more eco-friendly.


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