Psychology of Sustainability and Sustainable Development Among Young People

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Sustainability is one of the terms that has entered our vocabularies in the past years. Along with global warming, climate change, and plastic pollution, sustainability has been on everyone’s agenda. Adopting sustainable behaviours and protecting the environment are mandatory. This is one of the ways everyone can contribute to a healthier environment and planet. Environmental activism is mostly popular among youngsters, as the youngest generations have distinct perspectives on life. They think it is crucial to protect our planet, as it is the only home we have.

So, sustainable development has entered our agendas, with youngsters being the most involved population segment. Adopting sustainable behaviours is not only about protecting the planet and making it a better place. It is about the psychological effect it has on our moods and well-being. So, what is the psychology of sustainability and sustainable behaviour among young people?


Sustainability Enhancing Wellbeing

One of the most crucial things we need to take into consideration is that sustainability is so much more than creating the right economic and social conditions for a healthy environment. It is about the mind too. We usually use the term sustainability to refer to the conditions, behaviour, or ideas that contribute to making the planet a better place. But the core idea behind it is that whatever you do, it does not put your future at risk.

Students learn about sustainability when they study in college, read books, or learn for their exams. Usually, you might think that only students who study the field of environmental sciences are interacting with this term. But sustainability is studied within many fields as it has an impact on many of them, one of which is psychology.

Psychology students are learning about sustainability and its impact on the human mind and behaviour during their studies. Besides helping nature and animals, sustainability contributes to our well-being too. This is an interesting approach and a valid one, as the environment we live in contributes to both our physical and mental health. As a psychology student, you might feel challenged by your assignments and you might need a second opinion on your paper. You can get help with psychology assignment writing online in Canada and not only, from writing experts. They will help you complete your essay, but also expand your knowledge on the topic and improve your writing skills. Therefore, do not be afraid to seek help from specialists.


Encouraging Youngsters to Adopt Sustainable Behaviors

Sustainability is formed over time and youngsters have been the quickest to adopt these new behaviours. Since governments and countries have begun to pay more attention to the protection of nature, new programs are implemented across countries. Today, there are thousands of nonprofits that are registered as environmental organizations. They are focused on animal and environmental welfare.

And many youngsters have started being part of them or even founding their own organizations. Environmental activism is gaining more and more momentum. And this has especially happened since Greta Thunberg started her school strike for climate.

A few years have passed since then, a period when more and more people became interested in protecting the environment. But they have also created social movements that aim to draw attention to the effects of climate change. The inactivity of many politicians and countries to adopt measures and implement changes. Youngsters are fierce and they fight for what they believe in. and nowadays, most of them believe in environmental justice. These social movements focused on environmental and animal welfare began to gain momentum all over the world. And more and more youngsters feel encouraged by their peers to start fighting for what they believe in.

Adopting sustainable behaviours has a positive effect not only on the environment and planet but also on the mental health of youngsters. 


Final Thoughts

There is a new niche within the field of psychology that studies the effects of adopting a sustainable behaviour. It also analyses the effects of climate change on the psychology of humans, but also how we tend to relate to this topic. Youngsters are the quickest to adopt new changes and behaviours, picking up healthy habits faster, such as shopping for eco friendly products and eating sustainable foods.

They have been the first to promote and support sustainable measures among their peers. Sustainability is about living the present without putting a toll on the future. And this contributes to improved well-being and wellness, not only for people but for animals and nature too.



Bio lines: Evelyn Montoy is a content writer and blogger. She loves animals and nature and wants to found an organization that contributes to a healthier environment. Evelyn’s role models are David Attenborough and Jane Goodall.


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