The Value of Alternative, Ethical Search Engines

The Value of Alternative, Ethical Search Engines - The Friendly Turtle

So what is the value of ethical search engines? And why should we consider switching away from the big names? This guest post from Search Scene helps us answer those exact questions...

Most of us use a search engine on a daily basis, whether we are trying to find the name of a song we’ve forgotten, researching for an essay or article we’re working on, or simply doing a spot of (hopefully eco-conscious) online shopping! In this blog, we take a look at some of the key benefits of choosing an alternative search engine.


Donate to charity

The main benefit of most ethical search engines is that they are typically also charitable in some way, meaning you can give to meaningful causes without having to directly donate your own money.

Most search engines, including Google, rely on adverts to make money. Instead of keeping the profits for themselves, charitable search engines choose to donate a proportion of their revenue or profits to charity. This varies between providers but will usually be at least 50% and some even donate as much as 95%!

All you have to do is simply enter your search queries and know that you are supporting a search engine provider who will then donate to charity on your behalf.


Ethical search engines help fight for positive change

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects us all and many alternative search engines focus their charitable giving on fighting the impact of climate change.

Some choose to focus on one particular issue, such as deforestation or plastic pollution in the oceans, while others choose to support a selection of charities which combat a variety of climate-related issues.

From deforestation and habitat destruction to the displacement of people due to climate-related natural disasters, there are so many important causes that need your help and you can support them by using an ethical search engine!


Avoid big tech companies

Ethical search engines are also a good option for those who are suspicious of the big tech companies for various reasons, including a history of collecting and storing vast amounts of user data or their past incidents of tax avoidance and exploiting tax loopholes in order to maximise profits.


Support smaller and more ethical companies

Big search engines typically seem to be focused mainly on making a large profit, rather than a desire to make the world a better place, and the monopolisation of the market by one certain provider means that other more ethical companies don’t get a fair chance! You can help to change that step by step, by choosing to place your vote with an alternative search engine.


No need to compromise on search experience

While all of this sounds fantastic, some people are unsure about switching to an alternative search engine because they believe the user experience won’t be as good as it is on Google. We are all very used to ‘Googling’ our search queries, and it can feel uncomfortable to move away from that.

Actually, I was looking for a HungoSem review not long ago and an alternative search engine delivered the results right away!

However, with so many different options out there and providers who are willing to go the extra mile to provide a comparable search experience, all while continuing to donate a portion of profits to charity, you no longer need to make a compromise!



Author bio: SearchScene is the charitable search engine that donates 95% of its profits to international charities which help to fight climate change!


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