Eco-Friendly Tips for Healthy, Gorgeous Curly Hair: Dos and Don'ts

Eco-Friendly Tips for Healthy, Gorgeous Curly Hair: Dos and Don'ts

Do you often hear people say, "Your curls are so beautiful!." or sometimes maybe, "I wish I had curly hair too"? Well, this is because the beauty of curls is magnificent! Maintaining your curls is not an easy job; we get it! With all the frizziness, dryness, and tangled hair, it can get really frustrating at times. And if you do not take care of them well, your curls cannot take the harsh effects of the environment.

The good news is– there is a solution to every problem. If you do the right things for them, your curls will look luscious and healthy effortlessly. In this article, we will look at some dos and don'ts that you must take care of if you have curly hair. After all, you wouldn't want to miss the chance to flaunt those curls with confidence!

Essential Dos for Healthy, Gorgeous Curly Hair

Know Your Curls

Did you know not even all curls are the same? That's true! There are different types of curls, starting from the S-shaped curls, which look wavy, to tightly coiled kinky types of curls, which can get tangled really quickly. So, it's important to know the basics of hair, which will help you understand your hair a bit better. This can help you figure out what your hair needs while making a successful hair care routine and also choose the right type of hair products.

Moisturize Those Curls

Be it skin or hair, hydration is the key to keeping them healthy. Unlike straight or wavy hair, curly hair tends to be drier as it's hard for natural oils to travel down those strands with ease. So, give your curls some deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week (depending on your curl type). Look for curly hair products rich in moisture-locking ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut oils, shea butter, or aloe vera to get some defined curls. 

The "Squish to Condish" Technique 

These days, influencers are using this technique. This technique involves using conditioner on wet hair by squishing it upwards into the hair with water. After some time, rinse it with cold water. This technique will define your curls by evenly distributing the product to your hair to create a beautiful aftereffect.

Use the Right Hair Essentials

Do justice to those beautiful curls with the right hair essentials. We talked about conditioners, but equally important is having the right essentials. Invest in things like a wide-tooth wooden comb which prevents hair breakage and increases blood flow in your scalp; and use microfiber towel and satin/silk pillowcase as these will reduce friction and there will be less breakage. These things can help you preserve your curls in a healthy way.

Sun Protect your Curls

Just like our skin, our hair requires UV protection too. Your curls may look dull and natural hair color may fade because of the sun. So it's good to have UV protection products or a scarf/hat handy when you are out in the sun for so long. Make sure to use them properly as this will help maintain the vibrance and health of your curls through the year.

Important Don'ts for Healthy, Gorgeous Curly Hair

Use Excess Heat

Curls are difficult to maintain and at times you might be tempted to straighten or style your hair to get that smooth manageable look. But too much heat is not good for your curls. While styling is a temporary solution, heating dehydrates your hair and makes your curls look frizzy. So look for natural ways to style your hair. Or else limit the heat styling to very special occasions and that too with the use of heat protectants.

Forget Conditioning 

Never forget to apply your conditioner. Hydration is a must for curly hair. You can also try washing your hair once or twice a week with just conditioner and no shampoo. This is a gentle method that helps retain your healthy curls.

Miss Regular Trims 

Often, you might have split ends that move up to the hair shaft, right? This can make your hair look frizzy and even result in breakage. To avoid this and keep your curls looking fresh and healthy, you must get your hair ends trimmed at least once every 2 months. 


Every curl has its own beauty and elegance. Nobody sees the struggle behind managing those curls. With these few suggestions, you can manage your hair better. Do not compromise on your natural texture by using harsh products or overwashing. Be gentle and keep them hydrated. With the right care, your curls can be your majestic crown.


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