Ease Your Environmental Concerns with Reusable Bags

slicone reusable bags


Sandwiches are easy to make and convenient to bring anywhere, that’s why they’re popular on-the-go foods. Making your sandwiches could even help you save money and enjoy a healthier meal since you have more control over the portion and the ingredients that go into them. You need to make sure they are packed properly. Rather than using conventional plastic bags, consider sustainable options like reusable sandwich bags. By ditching sandwich plastic clingfilm, bags, and containers, you could contribute to reducing the waste that goes into the landfill or the seas, and help save the environment.

Silicone reusable bags will keep your sandwich fresher much longer with their leakproof design and airtight seal. They come as Ziploc pouches, which you can get in different sizes. That way, you also have reusable and portable containers for other foods you like to eat with your sandwiches, such as vegetables, nuts, or chips. High-quality reusable sandwich bags use safe, food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and FDA approved. They are heat resistant up to 230 degrees, microwavable, freezer-safe, and dishwasher friendly.

Another kind of reusable sandwich bag you can use is a cotton food wrap that is free of BPA, phthalate, and lead. It can also be used as a lunch mat, in case you are having lunch at your desk and you want to keep the crumbs off the table and your other things. Reputable zero-waste stores carry reusable food wraps made of 100 per cent cotton, with a waterproof liner to keep the food fresher for an extended time.

If you are looking for alternatives to reusable silicone bags, consider plant-based wax food wraps. Zero-waste shops in the UK offer them in packs of different sizes, where the large wrap can fit an adult sandwich. Like cotton reusable sandwich bags, they come in different designs for a more enticing, appetising, and enjoyable lunch.


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