Best 5 Eco & Sustainability Bloggers of 2024

Best 5 Eco & Sustainability Bloggers of 2024 | Top Eco Voices | EcoBlog |

Climate change is amongst the top threats facing humanity today. Consequently, sustainability and eco-conscious living have become increasingly important for our survival and that of the future generations. As scientists, researchers, and other professionals explore safe options for saving planet earth, a select group of bloggers have joined them to inspire, educate, and inform the people to pursue sustainable living. We discuss some of the most prominent individuals in this short article. Read on to understand.

1- Going Zero Waste

This is an invaluable resource for environmentally conscious individuals. Run by Kathryn Kellogg, a creative force to recon with, the community has grown over the last 5 years to become highly visible. Going zero waste is focused on helping others to adopt sustainable living through minimalism. Its broad approach to environmental conservation means that it produces learning materials that cover many aspects of our lives. As an astute environmentalist, Kathryn draws from her many years of experience working for the National Geographic and at the One Movement to devise working solutions for sustainable living.

Kathryn’s DIY training has become very popular due to their practicality and simplicity. They offer a step-by-step guide on waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation. For young environmental enthusiasts, the materials can be critical to learning how to play an active part in saving our planet. However, if you have trouble shifting through the huge volumes of work, you can order a research paper from professionals. All you’ll need is to identify the topic or specific area of interest and they’ll do the hard work for you.

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2- Eco Warrior Princess

This is one of the most dedicated media brands championing environmental conservation. It’s a leading voice in ethical fashion and sustainable living. The brand was founded by Jennifer Nini and has multiple channels across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit, among others. The organization uses its outlets and pages to cover varied topics including ethical fashion, zero waste living, and sustainable travel. Their website is hugely famous with millions of visitors each month. Unlike other environmentally focused communities, Eco Warrior Princess allows its followers and fans to post messages on their channels indiscriminately. This has made their forums active and improved users; participation.

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3- Wasteland Rebel

This is an independent blog run by Shia Su and her husband Hanno. The duo enjoys the freedom of being unaffiliated, approaching the environmental conservation fight with their bare knuckles. Shia describes herself as “a fun-oriented hot mess and insubordinate cookie monster that has yet to learn how to shut her trap or to grow up.” Her online activities and messages live up to the description. Therefore, if you want to witness chaos happening in real life, follow her pages and platforms, and witness her taking on people who destroy the environment, especially through trashing and damping.  

The couple also provides customizable sustainable recipes for their followers. They don’t believe in one size-fits-all approach and have gone to great lengths to provide solutions that suit diverse populations. The housekeeping section of their website is surely worth visiting.

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4- Green Girl Leah

Leah Thomas is the American version of Greta Thunberg; a passionate environmental activist known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action against climate change. Leah’s experiences in St. Louis, Missouri sensitized her to the role of intersectionality in environmental justice. Growing up, she realized that the black community were disproportionately affected by climate change and other environmental hazards due to their poor economic status.

Leah then pioneered intersectional environmentalism to sensitize the world on the plights of people of color in the climate crisis. Using her Instagram account where she has millions of followers, the activist has inspired many people to join the fight against environmental degradation. Leah isn’t afraid to take on politicians and policymakers. For instance, in 2020, she openly declared her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, calling out the country’s leadership for failing to institute more punitive measures against institutionalized racism and systemic discrimination.

The Intersectional Environmentalist | EcoBlog | Zero Waste Shop Friendly Turtle

5- The Minimalist Vegan

This blog is run by Masa and Michael Ofei. The couple’s mission is to train people to live with less stuff and more compassion. While they cover many topics under environmental conservation and sustainability, their main focus is on a vegan lifestyle and minimalism. Masa and Michael firmly believe that mindful living gives all animals a chance, especially in the face of the climate crisis. They teach people to embrace veganism to reduce their carbon footprint and give the earth a chance to heal.

Their refreshing approach to minimalism and veganism has made their website quite popular with thousands of visits registered daily. The couple have also published a few books that you might explore on their website.

The Minimalist Vegan |  A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff And More Compassion | EcoBlog

Embrace green living for a sustainable life!

Climate change is threatening humanity’s very existence. It’s our responsibility to devise ways to mitigate the monster before it’s too late. However, there’s a general laxity from many people, with a majority dismissing it as a hoax. The new wave of environmental activists in the mold of eco, sustainability, and green living bloggers are paving the way for a more conscious and environmentally friendly future. They’re sensitizing the people and leading them into action, giving us a chance against climate change. Follow them to learn more and participate!


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